PHOON CHI HO is CREEPY in KUCHING - a stand-up comedy showcase


CREEPY is the first ever 1-hour solo special by one of Malaysia's most talked-about comedy veterans - PHOON CHI HO.

After years of convincing by his peers, family and PTPTN, Chi Ho has finally acquired enough common sense to compile his most favourite as well as his most recent stories, come up with an ambiguous title and calling it a show just like the rest of the comedians.

One of the pioneers of Kuala Lumpur’s underground comedy scene, he is best known for being one part of Douglas Lim’s Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians, and has shared the stage with comedy greats like Dara O’ Briain (by coincidence), Ed Byrne (also by coincidence), Harith Iskander and Afdlin Shauki, just to name a few.

On TV, he has appeared on Astro Warna’s Cakap Melayu Lah, Komediri (2 seasons) and was one of the first Asian comedians to be curated for Comedy Central Asia’s Stand Up, Asia! Soon, he’ll be on Astro’s Sedapnya Mulut! On the silver screen, he begged 
a supporting role, playing a ghost hunter, on Mamat Khalid’s Lari Hantu… Lari!

As a scriptwriter, he wrote for sitcoms Small Mission Enterprise 
(3 seasons), Oh My English! and, more recently, Club Mickey Mouse.

Outside of comedy, Chi Ho is one of the most well-known faces in advertising world having written, directed and acted in countless local as well as international commercials across all media platforms.

"Phoon took only seconds to draw the first echoes of laughter,"
The Star

"...left the crowd eating from the palm of his hands,"

Time Out KL

"My nephew downloaded your video onto our family chat,"

Chi Ho's neighbour

“His segues are alright,”

Comedian acquaintance

“(He) will always have my undying support!”

Chi Ho's grandma (deceased)

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Fri Apr 12, 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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The Old Court House
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PHOON CHI HO's Stand-Up Comedy